1. lettersfromputo:

    New Wave mode.

    Bizarre love triangle by New Order.

    Damn this is my jam. My twin sister forced me to listen to all her 80’s music but some of the ones she showed me are pure gold (like this one).

  2. LOL ugh I need to draw more so I get a definite style (and one that I actually like)


  3. ascendingreality:

    kid cudi - dat new new

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  4. Fullsize
    Dang that ep was so cool lol.


  5. humannerve:

    I am a patient boy
    I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait
    My time is water down a drain

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  6. Haha sorry I have nothing to contribute other than stupid selfies of myself lol. I think it’s funny how makeup can make you look like a totally different person. I feel so naked (and weird looking) without my glasses but I hate the glare they give off sooo much.

  7. My best friend said I look too childish with bangs so I grew them out… but I think I would look cuter with bangs again so I’m going to do it!

  8. School has been keeping me so busy :/ (4 weeks of not picking up my tablet???) Vinyl toy idea for a collection called StarDust. I don’t know if I should make all the stardust girls look hip w/ extreme music identities or just normal.

  9. I still have such a long way to go lol

  10. Going to post this tutorial later this week cause I got to learn how to use premiere aaaaand I have a commission to finish (I felt too guilty doing other things…. Need to finish this week!!!!!)

  12. just a little doodle.

  14. au of korra being a rookie detective teamed up with the captian because she’s royalty and must be protected LOL. wrote out a 4 page comic just need to draw it. I wish Lin would marry me.

  15. Before I left to visit my mom last month I was working on some sea life themed jewelry.