1. Going to post this tutorial later this week cause I got to learn how to use premiere aaaaand I have a commission to finish (I felt too guilty doing other things…. Need to finish this week!!!!!)

  3. I wish I tried harder to learn Russian when I was a kid.

  4. just a little doodle.

  6. au of korra being a rookie detective teamed up with the captian because she’s royalty and must be protected LOL. wrote out a 4 page comic just need to draw it. I wish Lin would marry me.

  7. Before I left to visit my mom last month I was working on some sea life themed jewelry.

  8. Original Size
    The more I draw her the older she gets. She’s suppose to be a teenager……. I don’t know why tumblr makes it all blurry and small its a pretty big picture…

  9. When they found out they were related.
    (I’m so sorry that is the worst joke ever)

  10. Haha remember when I was working on this?

  11. DON’T TELL ME TO STOP WEARING THOSE CHEAP SWEATERS. I have 6 of them lol….. I made my first vlog video lol but it’s awkward as hell…………………………


  12. So I’ll stop spamming music and texts posts as much I finally created a personal blog. I’ll probably be more free with my words… it’ll become a diary with ugly sketches I wouldn’t want to post here.

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  13. Original size
    I don’t think the little mermaid comic I’m working on has really any moral but I plan to make the other ones have morals. Like this one… The beast is a princess who happens to be a spoiled brat; her anger (with the help of a witch) causes her to be transformed into a tiger whenever she looses control. Instead of tolerating the abuse of the princess, “Belle” leaves and the story shares the journey of the princess changing her ways. 

    Ok now comission working time!

  14. Though this is totally creepy looking it made me bust out laughing looking at it again. My sister and I were messing with the webcam distort tool. I like the progression of her laughing. And Tiny (that’s her name) looks so cute, I want to always draw cats like that.


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